lundi 13 mai 2013

First times: One year old!

Last week, I started a topic: first times! "Premières fois" I will try to keep it up every week. 

Last Friday I turned one! I heard from other babies it is supposed to be something big, with candles and all. Nothing like that happened to me. What happened is that last Friday, Papa and Mama disappeared for 24 h. I stayed with Mamisa and Opaluc. I think I love them too, so it was fine really. I understood Mama was the anguished one who needed to call home and ask: " Is everything ok?" And it was.

My first premolars are growing, and growing and growing and... growing. It is really painful, hopefully Papa or Mama are always there to give me hugs at night when I need support, at 10 pm, 12 am, 2 am,  4 am,  6 am... So really, I may keep them growing a while longer, but not too long because I can feel when the parents are too tired, they get less functional. 
When Papa and Mama were away I got hugged by Mamisa and Opaluc instead. 

Last Monday, Mama showed me some flying duck. Then she went on a frenzy cleaning phase. One duck had pooped on us, yepp right on my head. She did not even took comfort when the barmaid told us it would bring me luck...

One of my new favorite game is climbing up and down the low table in the living-room.

On Tuesday, I clapped my hand. If I had known it would be so much fun, and that Mama would copy me and look so happy, I may have tryed sooner. 

I am not supposed to get close to the computer area. There are fences all around it. But well, it must be very interesting since papa and mama are sitting in front of it all day long. Once mama was away, I managed to go around the fence. There was a big round button. Turning it up and down caused Music to play pretty loud, and low again, pretty loud, ... and low again. This was really weird, I was not sure if I was supposed to be afraid or not. Mama popped in the leaving room like a Jack in a box. She stopped my experiment, of course. 

On Wednesday, Mamisa and Opaluc came for a long weekend visit. I had two more persons to play with. :D 

On Thursday, we went to the zoo. This is a really nice place with lots of kids! They were running everywhere it was really nice. I could look at them. They seemed to be really interested in animals like sea-lions  polar bears  penguins  ... The adults too. It was quite funny. I was tired, and not feeling so well so Mama ended up carrying me around in the sappori while breast feeding me. Then cosy enough, I did look at a seal while drinking. 
In the sappori at the zoo

On Saturday, I grabbed half a lemon from the table and tasted it. Pfiouuu I made quite some faces. 

Oh and to celebrate turning one I did stay up without holding on anything for a few seconds. I am not walking yet, just so that all these people who foretold I would walk before I turn one, are wrong. :D

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