mardi 23 avril 2013

A day with Papoï

Since Papa Smurf is gone for two days I was alone with Papoï. He had a rough night, and none of us slept well. At 7:20 am we were both awake and up.

Oh and today he was wearing my favorite tights, the big whale ones
Apparently Papoï must be bored by his breakfast. He ate half a banana but no bread (although a favorite). Some time later, I was writing an email when I heard his proud baby noise. I looked up, he decided to try some plant earth to complete breakfast. There was some on the ground, his hands, and of course his face was covered. Yummy earth!

As I had an appointment at 10 am and one or two things to do in the center, I left around 9:15 with Papoï in the carrying scarf. The truth is, I was hoping he would sleep to recover some of his lost night because he was yawning and grumpy. Of course he did not sleep. We arrived just on time to my appointment only then did I realise it was supposed to be at 11 am. Since Papoï really needed a morning nap, I cancelled the appointment and went home. It was difficult to get him to sleep. Once he was asleep I went for a nap myself. He often he sleeps 1h30 up to 2h in the morning. Of course just when I fell asleep he woke up: Nap time 35 min. Great.

While falling asleep, Papoï kept repeating the milk sign with his little hands. When I would say, yes milk, he would some time stop drinking, smile while looking me in the eyes. It felt wonderful. I know he understands the sign for many months, but seeing him do it... <3 <3 <3

Then,we left to have lunch with a friend. We had a nice time. I had a new puzzle out for the occasion. Papoï also spent some long minutes fascinated by aquarium fishes in the area where we ate. Last but not least he played the ball with my friend. He has just learned to throw a ball and loves when one throw it back to him. If he sends it away from you, he does not mind crawling on all four for to pick it back. It is so cute to watch him.

We went back home and it was time for the afternoon nap. Again, Papoï resisted sleep. We ended up in our bed and I nursed him to sleep. Again, I fell asleep, and he woke up, wanted the breast again and fell back asleep for another hour, I didn't.

After the nap time, we played together a while. We "read" some books with animals to touch or making noises. Reading books is rather new, Papoï loves to turn the pages, again and again. He preferred the jungle animals book, where each animal is recorded. I really like the Panda and the hippopotamus noise. I had never heard it before the book. The Panda sounds ridiculous.
We also played with a ball quite some time.

Dinner time was rather quiet. Papoï had "Oeuf à la coque" for the first time, and enjoyed it.

Now he is asleep and I had time to think about today. Papoï learned so many new things in the last month, I am afraid to let some go unnoticed. I feel almost every day he surprises me. It 's not a special day, although it feels like one. I would like to remember all his smiles. His proud eyes when saying milk or trowing the ball. His happiness when I nurse him. All these little moments of happiness.

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