vendredi 5 avril 2013


Yesterday I was looking at baby cars for Papoï first birthday coming soon. The grand-parents are asking what he wants. And I found several beautiful "cars". 

Here is one I find amazing: The firefighter truck. Details and colors are just wouaaaaa, nicer than many plastic one with crazy ugly colors. As if babies and parents could not enjoy pretty and practical toys.

Then the wolf model, it is in wood, really original. The only possible minus point, can it be used outside or only at home? I found the brand facebook page and just asked them.

The race car, I really like the line and Papoï would love to transport things for sure.

In general all the "cars" on are amazing, with bright colors, nice lines. I find it difficult to choose one. To see them all go on the right side under Jouets\porteurs.

I was also looking for some options on my favorite German website, where I bought almost everything I had to buy for Papoï:

There I found these animals on wheels. I can't decide the one I prefer. The reviews on amazon were really good. The lady bug maybe. And you, any favorite?

Based on the design it will be difficult to choose a "car", I find them all beautiful in very different styles. My mum said it could be important that Papoï can  be comfortable while seated. Based on the picture it is hard to guess which one is more comfortable. Having a good grip, to help him learn to walk also seems a good idea. The "bugs" would be a good choice with their handle and the race car not so much. Several cars have a small trunk where the child can place his favorite toys and transport them. Only the race car has that option. Last the security is important, reading the reviews and website descriptions they are all equivalent: stable and from 12 months onward. 

I am not decided yet... The choice will be difficult. And you, do you have a baby car? Would you recommend it? What were the criteria you checked before buying one?

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