lundi 4 novembre 2013

Ischa Freimarkt

Writing and reading blogs made me realised two things:
If the article is too long, I am lazy and stop reading since I am a very tired mum.
I don't write so much about our life in Germany, and Bremen.

Here is an attempt at a not too long article with photos about a Bremen event. 

Do you know what the Freimarkt is? It is a Fairground with lots of very cool things to see, do and eat. It lasts two weeks in autumn. It usually starts when it gets cold although this year autumn temperature are mild and still above zero.

For the first year we went to carousels with Papoï and he loved it!! He enjoyed carousels, watching ponies, even bumping cars... He was crying each time he had to quit a carousel. Sweet Papoï :-) 

we thought we would stay watching the ponies spot for hours...

small cars circuit
Papoï didn't want to exit any car
A bit small for me, and even Doudou went for a ride with Papoï!

The city Center "real" Carroussel where all three of us went

The Freimarkt is not only about fun, it is also about Food! Hummm Lecker!

Classical : Bretzel

dry fruits

Finally some of my favorite roller-coaster. I went one evening with a friend while Doudou who hate them stayed home with Papoï. We went on the Wilde Maus and the free fall tower. It was a first for the free fall and I really loved it.

free fall tower 66 m
crazy spinning arm

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