jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Solving climate change problems

We were at the Mediterranean Sea for two weeks. Papoï used this time to find solution over a major problem : Climate changes. Because of Climate changes temperature will rise, Antarctic and Greenland ice caps will melt and the Ocean will expand. What does this mean? less space for us.

An early earth friend, Papoï took the matter into his little hand and looked for solutions. The first obvious solution: empty the sea. He then applied one afternoon taking water from the sea with his watering can and pouring it on the beach. This solution is quite risky as it involved getting inside the sea, waiting for a wave, filling the watering can all of it without falling on his buttock since being wet was unacceptable. 
The second solution, dry the sea out. This solution was less risky : Grab dry sand on the beach, go down to the sea level, drop the sand into the sea. Repeat operation until the sea is gone. Unfortunately for Papoï, we did not stay long enough on Elba for his brave acts to have effect. 

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