mardi 20 août 2013

The coffee ritual

For some time now coffee has become a ritual at home.

Every morning I drink a Ricorée. It's a mix of coffee and chicory. I just love it, and though I can drink many other things my morning feels better with a huge bowl of chicory. I often dip my buttered bread in my coffee. Of course Papoï quickly wanted to imitate me. Thus, he started dipping and then dropping his bread into My Coffee!! It was cute to watch but I don't like having bread fishes swimming around in my Coffee. After all it is my coffee, mine, my own, my precious. I only did the sensible thing. I am now serving him a cereal only coffee in a little cup. He is so happy about it. He dips his bread in his cup, shakes it sending drops everywhere, and eats it, or drops it back in the cup. I realised watching him, that I do slowly shake my bread after dipping it in the coffee to prevent coffee drops falling on me or on the table. I guess he does not yet understand the why and just does the gesture.

Latte au Pourquoi Pas

Doudou is a coffee lover. He loves a good coffee. At home we have a real espresso machine, a coffee bean grinder, a balance to weight how much coffee is going in every cup, and about 3-4  sorts of coffee beans. We learned a lot on coffee in a wonderful espresso Bar Le Pourquoi Pas in Montréal, it led us to buy all the coffee maker accessories. Every morning, Doudou is making himself a long espresso. There is a timer on the plug so that at 6 am the coffee machine is on when we are woken up by Papoï and Doudou can  right away make his first coffee of the day. Papoï loves to watch his dad make coffee. He now insists on pressing the switch to start the water and participates in his dad ritual.

I don't really like coffee, however I love milk foam and cafe latte.  Zum Glück (Fortunately), the espresso machine can also foam the milk. Until a few weeks ago, I was afraid to make a coffee for myself and only had one when Doudou made me one. I thought it was to sophisticated. But, hey, if I don't like it, I don't have to drink it. Thus, I tried. Papoï fascinated by the whole espresso ritual was intend on watching me. Going around with a Papoï attached to my legs trying to see everything is making the whole process dangerous, I can't carry him in my arms since I need two hands free. That is why, I now carry him in the sappori (a sling like baby-carrier) during coffee making. He can watch, press the switch and have fun. Something was missing though for him to really share the ritual. After foaming milk for my Latte I gave him some on a spoon. He tasted the foamed milk and found it yummy. He would have loved to try my coffee, but no little one. 

I had an idea. Two weeks ago, I made a cereal coffee, added the foamed milk and served it in his cup. The happiness on his face, and his big smile : Priceless

We now have decaffeinated coffee beans at home, I think Papoï may have his first caffeine free coffee soon. 

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