mercredi 5 juin 2013

Anywhere, anytime but not with anybody : photos

I thought I would never do it. He arrived in my life and I change my mind. There I was, doing it anywhere at anytime. With him.

Some of the strange or casual places and position where I did it. 

Still at the hospital, when I could not get up or sit

at "6 O'clock"

at "12 O'clock"

On that boat, but in a more calm area

Yop here, once Papoï was not hidden under the coat anymore.

While eating newfoundland lobsters

On that bank whatching the sun set,  at the northern end of  Newfoundland, close to l'Anse aux Meadows

The sun set

Walking on a beach, at Cow Head Newfoundland
On this beach: Lopes Mendes, on Ilha Grande in Brazil

 The text part, in French Here.

After an idea from Véro vire au vertMore stories, where did they do it?

2 commentaires:

  1. Now I thought I had breast fed every where! But alas, never laying down in a hospital. :) I would write well done, but I hate when people say that to me for doing something natural and normal.

    Anyway, thanks for posting.

    1. Well the hospital was not the best place but it is were all started.